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The Beers

Here you will find information on the St. Canarus Tripel, Potteloereke, and the Virgin of Gottem.



Saint Canarus Tripel

7,5 vol% alc., refermented in the bottle (or in the keg).

The best-selling Sint Canarus-beer: a golden tripel ale, 7,5 vol.% alc. Perfect balance, not too strong, with a fine bitterness, fruity nose, beautiful sturdy head.

Format: 11.2 oz bottle, 20 L or 30 L keg. Color: dull bronze, frothy white head.

Tasting Notes: balanced aroma of citrus and herbs; creamy, mango, grapefruit, balanced blend of citrus and spice, dry finish





Potteloereke is a massive, full bodied Trappist-style brown ale that is perfect for cold winter evenings.

Traditionally served in custom mug that is handcrafted by an artisanal ceramist or “potter”.

Tasting Notes: nose of ripe fruit, roasted malt; effervescent, dark fruit, plum, raisin, scorched sugar, burnt toast. Warm, a little sweet but not too.




The Virgin of Gottem

The newest addition to the Sint Canarus family, and it’s popularity is ever increasing.

A beautiful blonde ale naturally brewed with an added twist; a single hop flower is added to every bottle by hand! This provides a unique hop aroma that has been regarded as a miracle by some